Tokyo, Japan Global Invention patent new technology launch event


USA Invention Patent PASSs

Invention Patent No. 10188312


Granted Invention Patent in China

Invention Patent No. ZL 2016 8 0000432. X


Granted Russian invention patent by NLS nonlinear meridian diagnosis technique

Invention Patent No. 2671070

2018/03/14 ~ 2018/03/16

Japan ALLONE international health exhibition (Health Care Japan 2018)


最新技術O1-276 PE

O1-275 ME Negative ion emission


Won the invention patent


Activated the exoskeleton robot project.


Designed the required application of medical technology in the quantum mechanics of high-tech space navigation for the human cultivating in other planets in the future, and successfully developed watch-like AI artificial intelligence cells with 3 million times of cloud computing test data.


O1-275 Detective Artificial Intelligence Cell

Achieved 1.8 million times of clinical trials in China.

VR AR MR The world of human cell in virtual mixed reality experiment succeeded.


Through the internet and the cloud calculating technology proceeded health precautionary analysis and intervention to provide an efficient precautionary medical plan.


High-tech digitalized 3000 years history of I Ching, Eight Trigrams and Chinese acupuncture into the pocket-sized wearable equipment of AI artificial intelligence cells.


Designed wrist-AI artificial intelligence cells at the institute.

2011 - 2014

Achieved 480,000 clinical trials which analyzed the spectrum of 274 kinds of human cells, and established a cloud database.


With smart phone manufacturers miniaturizing the electronic components, Dr. William succeeded in making handheld AI artificial intelligence cells.

2005 - 2010

Achieved 30,000 times of clinical trials which used quantum resonance technique to prove vegetarian food was good for body health.


Aug. Developed a treatment system to analyze 274 kinds of cells health conditions based on Nobel Prize knowledge theory.

Jul. Launched Fusion Advanced Prevention Therapy.

May Launched Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Iris Comprehensive Diagnosis.

Apr. Launched clinical research report of Iris Acupuncture Therapy.


Held the first Asian quantum medicine conference in Taipei The Grand Hotel.

Launched clinical research paper report of Penetrating Iris Diagnosis.


Launched clinical research paper report of Penetrating Iris Diagnosis.


Launched 200 clinical trials paper of nuclear magnetic resonance cell stabilized water clinical trial paper.


20,000 cases of joint clinical research with Japan and German


Established ALLONE fusion medical institute


Dr. William Lu got to know the bricks of electronic components at his age of six and wanted to present a watch with all the functions built-in.