O1-275 Introduction of Measurement Page in Mobile Phone

Quickly detect the function of each body organ through the wearable device. The organ function status is shown by the spectral frequency, energy histogram and symbol of each cell molecule. The illustrations provide health advice, cell information education, and various health advice.

12S Dry Magnetic Resonance Holographic Acupoint Induction Measurement

A Healthy organ, its energy production and consumption should be balanced. If we can simulate in a single organ or a part of an organ cell mass, it will undoubtedly provide an opportunity for advanced prevention.

NLS-QRS Quantum Entangled Thermal Entropy Analysis

It can be seen from the above that the quantum resonance detector measures the magnetic field generated by the electron motion and the energy emitted by the base group, and the two can be summarized as quantum. This technique has become a quantum analytical method, and its application in clinical medicine has become quantum medicine.