12S Dry Magnetic Resonance Holographic Acupoint Induction Measurement

Reinhold Voll (1909-1989) in the 1950s discovered that human body has electric energy distributed between the inside and outside of each cell. Its oscillation frequency is very low, and the wavelength of electromagnetic waves is extremely long. This electromagnetic characteristic can be expressed on human skin. We can measure the Life Potential of a human body by giving a DC of about 10-12 micro-amperes and a voltage equivalent to 1.25 volts at a specific acupoint. When a cell is at the beginning of its degeneration, there must be a change in energy. This change is very weak, but it is very sensitive. When a clinical examination or experimental examination in modern medicine has not found an organ function with any abnormality, this change in electrical energy has begun to happen.Dr. Voll used two indicators to present the individual's physical condition. One is the peak of the reaction current, called the initial reading (IR); the other is the amount of the drop from the peak to the end of the measurement, which Voll called it Indicator Drop (ID).

Dr. Voll believed that if the peak falls within the range of 50~65 volts, it represents the metabolic function of the measured meridian is currently in a normal state. If the peak falls within the range of 65~80 volts, it indicates that the metabolic function of the tested meridian is in a state of excitement. If the peak is higher than 80 volts, the metabolic function of the tested meridian is in a state of inflammation or accumulation of toxins. In addition, Dr. Voll takes ID seriously on clinical meaning. He believes that ID is an indicator of the body's defense or resistance. In the acupoint electrical test, the so-called normal or healthy body state means that the current peak falls within the range of 50~65 volts, and it is at a stable state, that is, there is no indicator drop. The high value of the drop indicates that the measured meridian has pathological degradation. The acupoint electrical test method only detects the electrical impedance of the relevant meridian on the acupuncture points of the skin. The voltage used is very mild and does not interfere with the original condition of the body. It is a very safe and non-invasive detection method.

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