O1-275 Introduction of Measurement Page in Mobile Phone

Quickly detect the function of each body organ through the wearable device.The illustrations provide health advice, cell information education, and various health advice.

Detailed description as following:

Through the dielectric parameter measurement and quantum mechanics of the traditional Chinese medicine meridian acupoint.

Function Introduction

1. Magnetic Resonance 12S Induction Measurements:
 A cell will send out damage electromagnetic signals when it is damaged. The membrane potential energy of each cell membrane changes due to different stimuli. It is very weak, but strongly sensitive. Magnetic resonance 12S technique is based on the bioenergy level change generated by the dielectric change of the acupoint. ALLONE No. 275 artificial cell measured the dielectric parameters to gain the intensity of the fluctuation. When the measurement is completed, 12 parameters will be obtained. In addition to measuring dielectric parameters directly, they may also be measured by Apple Watch with the HealthKit APIs provided by Apple. Heart rate record can convert to dielectric parameters through cloud analysis. These parameters are the cloud health data of twelve meridian, written reports, NLS energy spiral analysis, and cell energy analysis.

1-1 Graphic Report: 12S Energy therapy analysis, NLS Energy Spiral Analysis, Cell energy analysis, VR energy analysis

1-2 Written Report: Combine the user's 12S dielectric parameters, NLS equation, date of birth, and gender, and then analyze the spectrum abnormalities in the cloud. The results will present a health warning of fluctuation anomalies and compare to the changes in the cell mass of each meridian. The index of 1 to 6 indicates the cold and heat and yin & yang changes of the Chinese medicine.

1-3 Twelve Meridian Energy Chart: Through the measurement data of the 12S dielectric parameters, the changes of the 12 meridians of the human body can be analyzed.

2. 274 Fluctuation Recovery: Teach users to adjust the dielectric changes of the meridian points by breathing training. There are four functions as following.

2-1 Exercise Mode: The O1-275 ME records each swinging movement and calculates the amount of calorie consumed. The results will transfer to the ALLONE 275 device to record the dielectric changes in the meridian.

2-2 Induction Mode: After sensing the acupuncture points of the human body, a 600~700K electric wave which is emitted will vary along with the variation of acupoint dielectric. Therefor, the dielectric change of meridian points can be adjusted.

2-3 Quantum Entangled Recovery: After sensing the acupuncture points of the human body, a 600~700K electric wave which is emitted will vary along with the variation of acupoint dielectric. Therefor, the dielectric change of meridian points can be adjusted.

NOTE: The difference between 2-2 and 2-3 is the way to adjust the dielectric change of meridian points.

2-4 Spectrum Transcription: ALLONE 275 device will detect the dielectric frequency of the human body and use a special antenna to write the parameters of the dielectric frequency into the RFID chip.

3. 12S Energy Analysis Chart: Compare to the previous 12S measurement data record.

4. NLS Energy Spiral Analysis: O1-275 ME Detective analyzes the 12S measurement data by the NLS equation and converts it into the mild magnetic field energy change emitted by the creatures. Moreover, the state of the fluctuating magnetic field selected by the global data cloud analysis system substitutes into entropy equation. The outcome of the energy level compares to mild magnetic field energy change, so that more accurate theoretical calculation can be performed. The results present on the cell phone screen with different colors, for example, simulate geometric figure marked on the virtual organ model to interpret health changes easily.Based on the principles of quantum dynamics, the difference of the “spectrum colors” (i.e. the entropy values, from light yellow (minimum of entropy), orange, red,brown to black (maximum of entropy)) is used to represent the energy levels. The areas marked with color will change over a period of time, so that the process of energy increase/decrease of these biological structures can be estimated.Therefore, the dielectric changes can be converted, so that various changes can be detected earlier.

5. Cell Energy Analysis: A health warning of abnormal fluctuations in the written report is presented, and the energy state of the cells is displayed in a color and image manner. Moreover, the results will compare to the previous measurement results to see its progression.

6. VR Energy Analysis: Activating VR effects in induction mode shows the future development of high-tech Chinese medicine.

7. Spectrum Intervention: Comparing the dielectric quality data of 12S with the dielectric parameters of each substance, the comparison results can be substituted into 12S energy analysis chart, NLS energy spiral analysis and cell energy analysis.
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